History of Air Jordan’s – 25th Anniversary Air Jordan Shoes

25th Anniversary Air Jordan

I’ve been a very big fan of Michael Jordan since I was a kid. I’ve watched many of his games, collected magazines and NBA cards and even kept some of their recorded NBA Finals videos. And then I saw this post on GTWM blog when I logged in today and decided to reblog it here on my personal blog.

For nearly 25 years now, Michael Jordan has had his name imprinted on these shoes. Beginning in 1984 in Jordan’s first year out of college, Nike knew they had struck quite the deal when they signed MJ to endorse their new pair of basketball sneakers. Little did they know that they had just signed a deal with the greatest player in basketball history and that their shoes would be breaking the bank for decades to come.

It is 2010 now and the 25th anniversary pair of Air Jordan’s are due to come out within the next week. But first, let us see where it all began.

Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1 (1985)

First released in March of 1985. When Jordan brought these out for the first time they were banned by the NBA. Apparently the red and black were not a part of the color scheme of NBA regulation sneakers, but little did the management know that they would soon be worshiping the player wearing them as somebody finally made the NBA something worth watching and talking about.

Air Jordan 2

Air Jordan 2 Retro White Varsity Red Black

Not exactly the most eye-popping of the Jordan brand, but he averaged 37 points per game and won his first dunk contest in these bad boys. Buying these shoes will not allow you to jump higher than usual, but you’ll certainly feel a spring in your step (it might come from being 2 bills lighter, but none the less.)

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