My Amazing Few Years

It’s been a long time since I last posted on this blog. Its awful how I make excuses to be lazy so I don’t need to make the effort of updating it. To be honest, I’ve been very busy for the past two years – marriage, moved to the UK, got married again (wedding part 2!) , family and friends, job hunting, driving tests, etc. It would be really cool if I could post every thing that happened to me for the past few years but it will be a very long and boring post.

To summarise it all, I’ve come up with some photos below.

Back in late 2013-2014, I’ve been around the UK for a long holiday. I visited places I never thought I could see such as London, Edinburgh, York, Cambridge, Newcastle and Northumberland.

UK Trip
Been around the UK in 2013-2014. What an amazing year.
L-R: Big Ben, Edinburgh, London Eye, Hareshaw Linn, Cambridge, York Minster, Millenium Bridge & Sage, Cambridge, Warner Bros Studios

And then she said “Yes”. 🙂

Got married. Best day of my life. 🙂 – Fernwood Gardens, PH

After a couple of months of being married and the stressful visa application, I moved to the UK to be with my wife.

More adventure, fun and memories with families and friends.

UK Tour 2015
From L-R: Buckingham Palace, Abbey Road, London Eye, Wedding Part 2, Stonehenge, Geevor Tin Mine, St Ives Cornwall

We had an amazing time with our awesome friends and families for the past 2 years and I can’t wait for the next one!

I hope to keep this blog updated from now on and post more of my incredible journey in the UK and Philippines.

See you later!

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