A Toilet Paper Story

toilet-paper-storyFor some people going to the toilet is a nice and peaceful moment. But if your life sums up to loneliness, toilet just become one more prison. – Very true indeed. Toilet or Bathroom is really one of my favorite places to stay in the house. It was like a comfort place for me to have a quiet time alone while taking a dump, reading a book or sometimes play video games on my PSP. And admit it or not, there are lots of things that goes through your head while sitting on that one corner of the room. You can laugh or cry, and no one can see you. Lots of positive and negative emotions or sometimes, naughty imaginations. lol. Probably a quite time for yourself to relax and sort out things in your life.

The video below is a very good stop-motion movie made of toilet papers entitled “Au Bout Du Rouleau” which means “Burnt Out”. The title says it all. Enjoy!

Source: [BuzzFeed]

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