Evolution of Video Games That Made Us Look Stupid

I’ve been an active gamer ever since. I remember playing from Atari, Family Computer, Super Nintendo up to PlayStation. And I’ve seen how crazy video games has evolved since then. Evolution from 2d games to 3d games. From just a controller to dance pads to wireless gaming. I remember how crazy my face look every time I’m in emotion with what I am playing. LOL!

Here’s a good infographics that tells how video games evolved from making us look stupid: Dance Dance Revolution!

Evolution of Video Games

Just The Facts

  • Produced by Konami in 1998 as part of their mission to make a peripheral for every musical activity in the world.
  • Led to the word “Exergaming,” an attempt to make players sound as stupid as they looked.
  • The only game to be used in some school gyms, which we still can’t decide is awesome or terrible.

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