FIFA World Cup 2010 In! NBA Out!

I was about to post this entry a week before the opening ceremony, but I was so attached to the craziness going on in the NBA Finals. So after the breathtaking 2010 NBA Finals Game 7 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics last Thursday, I guess we need to switch to another big sports event that is happening now around the world. The FIFA World Cup 2010! 😀

Now which team do you root for? Italy? Germany? Brazil? Well, those are some of the great title holders as of the moment. I do watch FIFA sometimes, but I am not really into that sports. Maybe because it is not a popular game in the Philippines. Filipino people are more into basketball and boxing rather than soccer. However, as time goes by, young Filipino athletes are learning to embrace this wonderful game. We just need more time to get our feet on the ground and go for the world cup! Sad to say, the Philippine National Football Team refused to join the 2010 FIFA World Cup due to poor performances.

Anyway, who do you think will be the champion for this season? 🙂

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