16 Things To Know About Sleep

Things About Sleep

I sleep a lot since I lost my part-time job. And I’m a deep sleeper. I easily fell asleep, less than a minute after I lie down on a bed or couch. 😛 I don’t know if I snort. I find it interesting so I have to share. What goes on when we sleep? Why do we dream? There are lots of questions about sleeping and dreaming that we seek for answers or sometimes makes us wonder.

Here’s some of my favorite parts of the graphic:

  • We can only dream about faces we have already seen, whether we actively remember them or not.
  • Parasomnia is a type of sleep disorder that makes you do unnatural movements, despite being asleep.
  • Dreaming is normal. People who do not dream generally have personality disorders.
  • Blind people can still see images in dreams.

I didn’t know that blind people can still see images in dreams. Anyway, below is the infographic about sleep.

16 Things To Know About Sleep

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