Web Design by Gender

Web Designer by Gender

After taking a deeper look on Web Designers vs Web Developers on my previous post, let’s focus now on the web designers’ side. Have you ever wondered what gender designed such websites? Can you really tell whether a website was designed by a male or female? I know a few male web designer colleagues who designs pretty well with any kind of colors, while there are some who likes light colors like pink, yellow, orange, etc. I am not sure if I can exactly tell whether a website was designed by a male or female web designer.

Here’s an excerpt from WDD:
“Studies have shown that men and women tend to have very different approaches in the way that they use design elements such as colors, shapes, objects and fonts – sometimes even having complete opposite views.”

“This graphic is by no means a rule or generalization for web design by either gender, but it does give us a very rough insight as to how each gender views design and it may even help to influence design decisions when creating a website that targets a specific demographic.”

Click on the graphic below to view the full resolution:

Web Designer by Gender

(via webdesignerdepot.com)

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