10 Years of Wikipedia

I can’t remember when was the very first time I clicked on a link and directed me to one of the most popular website in the world, Wikipedia. Do you still remember the first time you clicked on a wikipedia link? That’s probably less than a decade ago?

Wikipedia is celebrating their “10th Anniversary” on the Internet with a video narrated by CEO and founder Jimmy Wales and infographic that shows few of the milestones marking Wikipedia’s development over the years.

The State of Wikipedia is a project that shows the history of Wikipedia, site statistics and a real-time data from Twitter that shows Wikipedia mentions on the Internet. The project is created by JESS3, a creative agency that specializes in data visualization.

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JESS3 says the project “explores the rich history and inner workings of the web-based encyclopedia, but it’s also a celebration of its tenth anniversary.”

“With more than 17 million articles in over 270 languages, Wikipedia has undoubtedly become one of the most visited and relied upon sites on the web today. More than a million people have contributed to make the site what it is today,” JESS3 adds.

Checkout the video and infographic after the cut!

State of Wikipedia

Click on the image to view actual size.

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also visit The State of Wikipedia

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