Are You Obsessed With Facebook?

Facebook is like a birth certificate, everybody’s got one. It was like a part of your identity. Even old people, 2 or 3 year old kid, or even a new born baby got a Facebook account.

I remember some of these quotes:
Facebook is like a fridge. – You keep opening it up every few minutes when you get bored, hoping to find something new and exciting.
Facebook is like a drug. – It’s so addicting!
Facebook is like a woman. – As soon as you get used to it, it changes

I know that these statements are exaggerated but it is very much true in most cases. Perhaps, you should check out this infographic below from SocialHype and with lots of fascinating figures about the latest data gathered about Facebook.

Obsessed With Facebook

So are you that addictive?

(via Mashable)

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