The State of the Web: An Interactive HTML5 Infographic

Of course most of us knows that the internet is getting bigger everyday and its popularity even reached those places that are not that very much into the ‘Internet’ thingy.

The internet has really a very huge impact in our society as well as our lives. And because of that growing population of the internet world, I think most internet companies expanded tremendously. In the Philippines, some slightly remote areas today specially those who are in the provinces even have an internet connection already. The web is really helpful in all aspects such as news, information, communication and entertainment. In fact, the UN considers the web so vital to communication, self-education and global participation that it’s called Internet access a human right. The web is one of the fastest way to gain knowledge, news and one of the best form of communication today across the world.

Now go checkout this beautiful State of the Internet HTML5 Infographic below that has some really nice looking real-time data from

State of the Internet 2011
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