iPhone 5 and the Smartphone Market [Infographic]

With the latest buzz going around the world as well as the internet, the iPhone 5 release will definitely affect the Smartphone market again. I admit that the Android market went up for a few months now compare to the iPhone market and other smartphones. I am actually not getting the new iPhone 5 until next year because my 4S is still in good condition. I think most people who are using 4S won’t be getting the iPhone 5 any time soon. Also, I’ve read a couple of bad reviews about the Apple Maps with the latest iOS 6 which I think is one of the most important feature of a smartphone, specially if you are traveling a lot and needs an accurate direction. So are you getting the iPhone 5 soon?

Anyway, the AYTM Research conducted a detailed research on how the iPhone 5 will affect the current Smartphone market, creating a very nice infographic of how people or who will buy the latest iPhone.

Some of its findings:

  • 73% of people looking to buy a smartphone in the next 6 months are already smartphone owners
  • Current Android owners are 2.4x more likely to switch to an iPhone than vice versa
  • 87% of current iPhone owners plan to buy a new iPhone in the next 6 months
  • Only 9% of current iPhone owners are considering a switch to Android

iPhone 5 Infographic

(via Mashable)

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