Why Do I Run?

Why do I run? Why do you run? Why do they run? — A question that I asked myself years ago.

Year 2012 has been an amazing year for me. I accomplished a couple of things that I noted on my planner before the year ends. Running is not part of the plan. I regret that I didn’t get to experience running during my college years. If only I am 10 years younger, I probably finished a few marathons by now. My first ever race and first ever half marathon that I finished last month changed my perception in life. That same experience answered my question – Why do they run?

There are so many answers to the question above. For me, Running is not about being number 1, finishing fast, getting a medal or hitting the main prize. It is a lifestyle. A passion. An outlet. Yes, it is an outlet. Just like any other form of outlet. A diversion. It transforms you physically and mentally. It is a desire. And you sometimes crave for it.

So why do I run? Because it makes me feel free. I feel more strong and healthy. There are days when you won’t worry about setting a PR or how strong will you finish and distance won’t matter. You run for the love of running.

I run because it made me realize that anything is possible. It has taken me where I want to be and I am still on my journey.

Why do you run? 🙂 Or perhaps you walk? 😉

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