Time-Lapse China Tour Video

I stumbled upon this video last week but I didn’t get to post it right away because of my busy schedule. So here we go! First of all, I want to take aside the current China and Philippines conflict particularly the territorial issue that has been going on for months. I am posting this because I find this video perfectly made to promote tourism. I wish the Department of Tourism here in the Philippines should make a similar video that people can promote and spread across social media. Or maybe there is already an existing video already that promotes places here in the Philippines that I have not seen yet?

What I like about this video is the time-lapse technique used to showcase their beautiful city. With the numbers of places that we can use to promote tourism in our country, I guess making one video is not that hard. Check it out below. 🙂

I love lights and I love how they maximized the use of lights from their skyscrapers, road lights, stop lights, etc. The river tour ride is awesome too! Can we do that from Pasig River up to Manila? Or probably cruise the Manila bay? 🙂

So what do you think? 🙂

(Source: Mashable)

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