New Twitter Home Page

When I first signed up on Twitter, I personally didn’t like their home page by that time. Some of my friends didn’t like the Twitter home page before because it is really hard to understand at first.

After a few months of waiting, here it is now. A brand new Twitter home page that I think is better than their home page before. It is very blue and simple that you can easily understand what the site is all about or rather what you can do on the site. Twitter’s team somehow managed to bring their focus on their “Search” feature where you can see on their brand new home page the big search bar at the heart of the page along with the most popular topics at the very moment, for the past few days and for the entire week.

New Twitter Home Page

So if you haven’t seen that when you logged in today, just logout and give it a look. 🙂 I bet you will all like it than before. 😀

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