Facebuko – a Facebook Wacky Version LOL

Just this morning, my office mate dropped a link on me through Yahoo Messenger. The first time that I saw the URL of the site, I thought that this is a funny and wacky website! 😀 And I am right about that so I blogged about it…

Facebuko is NOT a Social Networking website actually (just to clear things up). It is more likely a funny website powered by WordPress where you can find humorous and very funny Filipino jokes, funny TV shows, commercials and other social happenings in the Philippines

Here’s a short description of the website which can be found on its About page..

Facebuko is derived from the phrase ‘Facebook ko’ which means ‘my facebook’ in Filipino. Unlike its inspiration Facebook, this is not a social networking website but rather it posts the most talked about in the social network of the author depicted in a humorous and fun way. Facebuko is another of the many websites of Jonas Roque.

Here’s a screenshot of the home page:


Check out Facebuko yourself guys! LOL!

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