What the F**k is Social Media?

I was browsing over the web news last night and I stumbled upon this wonderful presentation about social media marketing on SlideShare from Marta Kagan, Managing Director of US at Espresso. I didn’t get to see her first part of the What the F**k is Social Media last year and I was totally enlightened by the sequel of her first presentation.

What the F**k is Social Media? – I also wondered about that question when I first heard this popular social media marketing campaign that is going on over the web for quite a long time now. With the tremendous growth of these social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc., maybe it’s time that people who don’t have any idea about the power of social media sites to really understand how it really works. The sequel – What the F**k is Social Media: One Year Later is really one of the best presentation that I’ve seen that explains best what it is all about.

I won’t make it long for you guys to see the slide… Here you go: 🙂

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