Happy New Year 2010

Merry Christmas

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2009 has been a very great year for me. Even if I experienced a lot of difficult times, I still get to appreciate life and the people around me. There are lots of 2009 memories and lesson that I should be thankful for. First is having a very supportive family, friends, colleagues and even some person that I’ve known this year. Good health and good financial income is not that bad. One thing I regret this year is not having a very good relationship with God. I rarely go to church and sometimes forget to pray.

Anyway, 2010 is coming. And we must all say goodbye to 2009. Whatever wrong things that I’ve done in 2009, I wish I can make it up for 2010. I wish I can have a stronger spiritual relationship with God just like before. Live healthy, stay fit, make new friends, better opportunities, stronger relationship, earn MORE and spend less. 🙂

Salamat sa lahat!

Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy New Year! 😀 Stay safe guys!

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