New Facebook Feature – Mark You Don’t Know

I am sure lots of you guys encountered a friend request from someone you really don’t know at all (not unless you’re a celebrity or something). Facebook is now testing a new feature that allows you to identify strangers who attempt to add you as a friend.

From Inside Facebook Blog:

Facebook has a lot of users who want to make new friends. And now the company is testing out a feature to make friending a little more meaningful. Once you mark “ignore” on a friend request, you’ll see a new option in addition to being able to report the person for abuse or spam: “Mark that you don’t know” them.

Facebook Confirm Request

So once you’ve seen a friend invite who you think is a “spammer” or you just don’t want them to add you up, you can click on that “Mark You Don’t Know” link after the “ignore” friend request. Here’s some screenshots:

Facebook Confirm Request
Facebook Confirm Request

Photo Credit: Inside Facebook Blog

This new feature is really interesting. It will definitely be a helpful feature to both the site and members. I just hope that you guys don’t use it to “Mark” everyone as a spammer even if they’re not. Use that “Mark You Don’t Know Button” respectively and wisely. Goodbye spammers! 😉

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