Chatroulette Explained


Chatroulette became very popular since the day I first came across this wonderful site. This website doesn’t have a wheel to spin just like the casino game Roulette but instead, you can video, voice and text chat with a random person around the world. And the interesting part is that, you can be in front of a totally random, weird and pervert person. And if you don’t feel like chatting with that person, you just spin the wheel by clicking the “Next” button. Sweet!

Anyway, the video below is from Casey Neistat who did an experiment about this amazing site. It is a very entertaining introduction for you guys who haven’t tried spinning the wheels yet. According to the video, there are about 71% Male, 15% Female, 14% Pervert who uses Chatroulette! Check it out:

Your thoughts about the site? 🙂

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