State of the Internet Explained via Infographic

State of the Internet

I recently posted about an infographic regarding “If You Printed Twitter”, and now, here’s another one similar to it. Let’s take a look at the current state of the internet today.

Here a summarized information about the infographics below:

  • 74% of men use the Internet, and so do 74% of women. So that means that, there’s no gender bias when it comes to the Internet.
  • The older people are, the less likely they are to use the Internet. 93% of people ages 18-29 years old use it, but only 38% of people 65+ years old do. 65 years old is where the big drop off happens, though; 70% of people 50 – 64 are online.
  • The higher their income level, the more likely it is that someone has broadband access.
  • 94% of college grads are online, while only 39% of people with less than a high school education are.
  • 58% have a desktop computer. 46% have a laptop.
  • 54% of bloggers consider themselves experts on whatever it is they’re blogging about.
  • Norway ranked number 1 of the country with the highest level of Internet penetration. It’s odd that the United States is in 5th place.
  • Japan has the fastest Internet connections on average. No surprise there. (Not sure if this is accurate. The last time I checked, it was Korea.)

State of the Internet

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