Paris in 26 Gigapixels

Paris in 26 Gigapixels

Most of the people I know always dream to visit the very beautiful city of Paris one day. Well, not everyone can afford to have a trip there easily specially if you’re just an average guy living in Asia like me, while some have been there more than twice. It is indeed a very beautiful city even if I haven’t been there yet. Lots of interesting places to visit, good food and a new culture to learn. Admit it or not, the Eiffel Tower is really one of the best thing out there in Paris as well as the Louvre Museum. So if you haven’t been in Paris yet, why not enjoy some of the most beautiful monuments in Paris by checking them out on pictures for the mean time?

Here’s a website that I find very interesting. Paris 26 Gigapixels, a stitching of 2,346 single photos showing a very high-resolution panoramic view of the French capital (354159×75570 px). Dive into the image and visit Paris like never before!

The site has some of the best places to visit in Paris in a very high resolution photos that you can zoom in and out and navigate around the city. Good thing about these photos is that even if you zoom in up to its maximum zoom, the pictures are still very clear. Along with these photos comes a brief information about that place. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Le Pantheon and Saint Sulpice Church are some of the places that I read and visited on that website.

Check it out by visiting this Paris 26 Gigapixel link.

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