All About Nintendo – An Infographic


I’ve been a big fan of Nintendo when I was a kid. My Dad always buys me Nintendo games for my SNES. I remember having a collection of Super Mario games which includes all the Super Mario All-Star games like Super Mario World, Super Mario 3, Super Mario Kart, Mario Paint, etc. Most of my computer games during that time are all about Nintendo games like The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Super Sonic.

I found this interesting Nintendo infograpic that I thought I should post on this blog to share. I was amazed by the facts and figures that I saw on this infographic, here are some of it:

  • Nintendo was founded in 1889 as a playing card company. They made their first video game in 1978.
  • Nintendo means “Leave Luck To Heaven” in Japanese.
  • Nintendo lucked out in hiring Shigeru Miyamoto, a 24-year old as their first staff artist in 1977. He would eventually become the creator of Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda and Wii.
  • As a child, Miyamoto idolized Walt Disney. By 1990, Mario, his creation, had become more recognizable than Mickey.

Did you know Nintendo is larger than Sony by market cap? Well, click Read More link below to see the entire informational graphics.

Nintendo Informational Graphics

Source via [Onlinemba]

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