Some Of The Hottest World Cup Fans

Okay. I am not really a big fan of soccer. I watch sometimes when I have time, but when I look at the pictures below, I guess I’m starting to like the game! LOL! 😀 Anyway, here are some of the best reason why you should need to watch FIFA! Dammmn hawt! 😀

1. Dutch Chicks

That orange color dress suits them pretty well. 🙂 [via]

2. English Girls


3. Argentina Girls


4. German Chick


5. South African Girl


6. Paraguyan Chick


7. Italian Babe


8. South Korean Girl

I believe there are more hotter Korean girls than this chick… 😛 [via]

9. Another Hot Italian Chick

Edit: That black color on the flag is supposed to be green. I swear. 😛 [via]

10. Another Hot Paraguay Babes


11. Brazilian and German Babes

Damn World Cup! [via]

12. Awesome Japanese Fans

So WTF are they wearing? 😛 LOL! [via]

13. And My Favorite: Brazilian Babes!

Check out more hot Brazilian soccer fan babes at [via]

[via BuzzFeed]

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