The Social Network Movie 2010

This has been a buzz on most popular social media sites for the past few months. I saw this trailer a couple of months ago but I wasn’t able to share it here on my blog. The Social Network was premiered last October 1, 2010 in the United States. It is a story behind the founders and the success of the most popular social networking website, Facebook. If you don’t know Mark Zuckerberg, he is the co-founder and CEO of Facebook and so far the youngest billionaire in the world.

Hope they could also launch this movie in the Philippines.

Below are some Facebook facts from the interactive trailer above that we don’t know yet:

  • If Facebook was granted terra firma, it would be the world’s third largest country by population.
  • The average age of a Facebook employee is 31. Currently, Facebook has over 900 employees, including Jesse Eisenberg’s cousin.
  • 22,000 hits in one hour is a lot of hits.
  • Over one billion unique images are added a week to Facebook.
  • The average Facebook user loses 23.333 hours a month on Facebook.

EDIT: I’ve already seen this movie here in PH. It was a very inspiring movie IMO. Mark has been through a lot of cases against his friends to fight for what he created. How I wish I’m a genius… 🙂

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