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I wasn’t able to update this blog as often as before because of the recent issues that I had with myself (won’t talk about that shit anyway). Okay, just to keep track of what’s going on around the corner, I decided to take a small site suggestion to all of you who happen to stumble upon this blog. If you are familiar with the post title of this entry, then you should know by now what I am talking about. If not, here’s a little background.

Good Times With Mo The Podcast

GTWM The Podcast or Good Times With Mo: The Podcast is a podcast network run by radio DJ and TV host Mo Twister together with his tech-guy partner Mr. Miguel Olfindo and Dr. Gan Montenegro as his co-host. It was launched last Jan 11, 2011 by the Battle Axe Network Inc. The podcast focuses on helping people on their medical, love, sex and relationship problems where they can call the show and seek advice and win prizes as well. Celebrities, bands, athletes and even politicians sit-in the show as a guest so you better watch out for your favorite guests. You should also check out the Good Times Acoustic or GTA which airs every Sunday at 8pm with Johnoy Danao as the main man.

You can subscribe on the podcast via iTunes by searching the iTunes Store with the keywords “GTWM” or “Good Times With Mo”. Subscribe to GTA as well on iTunes, there lots of wonderful covers from Johnoy Danao that you guys will surely love! 🙂

Note: This is the most awesome podcast ever!

Check them out at:
Mo Twister Blog
Battle Axe Network

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