What Kind Of Facebook Poster Are You?

What's on your mind?It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog because of certain issues that I had to deal with. Anyway, some of those issues is connected to this post particularly with Facebook. Ahhmm, enough of ‘my issue’ and lets stick to this blog post. You know how we post and read lots of ‘friends statuses’ on Facebook every day, every hour, every minute?

Have you ever stumbled upon an irritating status that sometimes you want to ‘Unfriend’ that person just to get rid of his/her annoying posts? Well I certainly hope I don’t fall in any of these categories. Tssss! 🙂

Do you know ‘What Kind of Facebook Poster Are You?‘ Check it out below and let me know what category fits you. 😀

What Kind of Facebook Poster Are You?

via (buzzfeed)

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