Back From Somewhere

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. I went for a vacation in Hong Kong last month and it was a really fun experience. I actually got jealous on how their country run… the government, transportation, tourism and everything. I wish we have that kind of system back home. I sometimes imagine how will the Philippines look like if we have a better government system as well as transportation. If they will implement a good system of transportation in the country, that can help minimize the traffic problem. If government officials were all honest and straight, imagine the budget that the government have. It will not be getting into their own pockets anymore. And if all those things are set right up, boom! Tourism. 🙂 I hope I have a point. Anyway, I hope to update this blog more often again. Thanks for dropping by!

Here’s a video of HK Disneyland’s “Disney in the Stars”. Sorry about the shaking. Forgot to bring a tripod.

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