Content Marketing Proves To Drive Traffic And Gain Customers (Infographic)

Content Marketing has become the priority not only for businesses but for a lot of people over the internet last year which will still be rolling this 2012 according to the research conducted by a marketing education and research company, the Content Marketing Institute.

I myself have seen a lot of content marketing materials being distributed on a lot of social media websites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn over the past year. Even emails I think has been populated by these materials but I find it more spammy-like compare to sharing it over the popular social media or social networking websites. Different types of content marketing distribution are used by businesses such as Facebook Fan Page promos, YouTube videos as well as Infographics which tend to become more and more popular as days go by just like what I want to share today from Mashable.

This BlueGlass Interactive infographic suggests businesses look at Coca-Cola, and American Express as examples of companies that are sharing great content. Coca-Cola has a huge online presence on Facebook, Twitter and other avenues where customers and potential clients can share ideas, photos and videos.

The companies outlined below make interactive material that people want to share, and, in turn, new methods of content marketing means new avenues to reach and converse with your customers.

Infographic after the cut. 🙂

Content Marketing Infographic

(via Mashable)

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