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I have this fascination to the beauty of these endangered bear species because of their cuteness and features. It made me love them more with the movie KungFu Panda which I think is one of the best animated movie of all time. Anyway, I found this news about the 24-hour Panda live stream while browsing around the net this morning. Check out the note below:

Giant Panda
Image courtesy of Explore.

Philanthropic media organization has launched the first HD video live stream of pandas, from the world’s largest panda reserve in Ya’an City, China. The stream, which went live in early February, tracks some of the young pandas living at the facility, which works on species preservation and reintegration into the wild. The stream broadcasts live during the daytime and runs highlights at night (local time).

Charlie Annenberg Weingarten, director of Explore, hopes the broadcast will make people across the world fall in love with one of China’s natural treasures.

IMO, I think it is a good move to let people know the situation of these Pandas as of today. They are already endangered and I hope by this idea, people could care more about the environment not just for the Pandas but for all other animals in the wild. I hope these Pandas will still live for many years, I hate to see them only in museums and pictures. I remember the first time I’ve seen a real Panda, I was so happy to see them in person. They’re so witty, cute and so lazy! They eat bamboos and sleep all day! No wonder why they’re so fat! LOL! 🙂 Anyway, here’s another note from the news source:

Weingarten’s interest in panda preservation stems from a trip to the Wolong Reserve in China, two years before a devastating 2008 earthquake that destroyed the facility. The panda reserve was wiped away by major rains, threatening the bamboo food supply. Weingarten connected with panda researchers during that trip who have helped him to launch the streams.

There are only about 1,300 pandas living on earth today, roughly 150 of which live on the Ya’an base.

Explore says the panda stream has the most action between 8 p.m and 7 a.m ET, during the daytime in China. The organization is streaming on its Endangered Animals Facebook Page between 8:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. ET each evening.

Check out this video, so cute! 😀

News courtesy of Mashable.

Don’t forget to check out the live stream! 🙂

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