Lifeproof Case Review

Thoughts on the LifeProof Case

Through some fortunate events, I was able to get an iPhone 4s on the cheap. A friend was about to migrate to a different country where his device is not supported plus the impending reveal of the iPhone 5 ensured that I did not have to pay too much for this gadget.

As with all the gadgets I own, I wanted to protect my investment. I was looking into which case to use for the iPhone 4S when I came across the Lifeproof case.

Lifeproof Case

As the name implies, the Lifeproof case is supposed to be “life proof”. This means that it would be able to protect your phone from all the wear and tear that could happen as you live your life. The case is supposed to be able to withstand bumps, drops, dusts, and even water.

Using the Lifeproof Case

I was intrigued by the concept of a case that protects your iPhone from everything that life tries to throw at you, so I decided to get one for myself; luckily I was able to get it at a cheaper price from iGrab as they recently offered a deal on this cool case.

The Lifeproof case is actually two pieces of hard rubberized material which you would snap together to protect your phone. The case would then seal the edges of your iPhone as well as the cover the entire back portion. It also uses a clear screen to cover the front of your iPhone without sacrificing image quality.

Aside from those, it also has a cover for the dock and earphone holes. However, in contrast with other case, the Lifeproof case would also cover the power and volume buttons of the iPhone. I believe this was a great idea as it seals the phone from water exposure.

Lifeproof Case

What I like about the case:

What I like about the Lifeproof case is that it protects your phone without being too bulky. Unlike other cases where the sleek iPhone becomes unwieldy, it doesn’t really add too much bulk to the device. I also like the fact that it makes it waterproof and actually usable underwater.

What I don’t like about the case:

While I understand that the case tries to seal your phone against the elements, I sometimes feel that it does so too well. It’s sometimes hard to insert the apple connector at the bottom, and fiddling with the buttons can be troublesome.

All in all, I like the case for my iPhone though the price is a bit steep, I really recommend this to iPhone users especially for those who have active lifestyle.

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